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All About Us

Bazm e Khas is a website which showcases all the baithaks so far organised by Ved Gupta to promote serious Hindustani classical and semi-classical music among music lovers and students who wish to listen to music soulfully created by the leading musicians of our country.

Ved Gupta has initiated this as a music foundation which has been called Bazm e Khas, with the sole belief that good music besides being entertaining, is a great therapy for various afflictions of mind and body that we all suffer from at some point of our lives.


Classical music

Find melody, rhythm and harmony in the Hindustani classic and semi-classic music

Great Therapy

Art and Music always affect out lives in a way or other. Get connected with yourself better

Live Music

Enjoy live classical music from great vocalists and influential singers

Great Singers, Great Performance

“Music” is one of the most difficult terms to define. Beliefs about music have changed dramatically over time just in Western culture alone. If we look at music in different parts of the world, we find even more variations and ideas about what music is.

Unlike other genres, classical music never went out of style. The rich traditions of classical music continue to influence contemporary composers. Strong performance of the classics will be on the rise with great singers and artists. Explore many such artists with us.

Explore Artists
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“Bazm e Khas is an excellent initiative to promote and popularize Indian Classical Music and Performing Arts. I wish them success in their effort.”
“The world of Indian Classical Music is full of nuances, and the people running Bazm e Khas have been able to capture all of them. Definitely a must-have for those fond of Indian Classical Music.”
“Bazm-e-Khas is an initiative to revamp the classical music scene in the country. The platform aims to unite our diverse culture with classical music.”