Raag Malgunji by Shahid Parvez Khan

Artist ——— Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan is an Indian classical sitar player from Imdadkhani Gharana. He belongs to the seventh generation of Etawah Gharana. Shahid Parvez has performed in all major music festivals in India or abroad. Shahid Parvez also got vocal and Surbahar(sometimes called bass sitar) training from his uncle Ustad Hafeez Khan. He also received training in tabla for many years from Ustad Munnu Khan of the Delhi Gharana. Credits: Sitar : Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan Tabla : Shri Mithilesh Jha

Raag Malguji is a very melodious Raag. This Raag creates a heavy atmosphere. If traditionally Bageshri evokes feelings of separation from the lover, and Rageshri represents reunion, Malgunji depicts the initial realization of the reunion.”Ghar Aja Ghir Aye” is one of the compositions{bollywood (film genre)} of R.D Burman in Raag Malgunji. Many more compositions like – – Nain so nain (Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje) – Balamva bolo na (Picnic) – Naa jia lage na (Anand) – Jivan se bhari thehri aankein (Safar) – Unko ye shikyat hai ki hum (Adalat) – Ghar aja ghir aaye (Chote Nawab) are based on Raag Malgunji.

This baithak was held at the initiative of Ved Gupta as a part of Bazm e Khas foundation live concerts. The idea behind this purely non-monetized upload is to preserve this collection of great music for all music lovers and students of Hindustani music. We treat this upload as a cover version.

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