Raag Rageshree (live baithak) by Shahid Parvez Khan – Part(2)

Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan is an Indian classical sitar player from Imdadkhani Gharana. He belongs to the seventh generation of Etawah Gharana. He was born in Mumbai and was trained under his father Aziz Khan, who was the son of the sitar player Wahid Khan. Shahid Parvez has performed in all major music festivals in India or in abroad. Shahid Parvez also got vocal and Surbahar(sometimes called bass sitar) training from his uncle Hafeez Khan. He also received training in tabla for many years from Munnu Khan of the Delhi Gharana.

Sitar: Ustad Shahid Parvez khan
Tabla: Hafeez Ahmed Alvi

Raag Rageshree, also called Rageshwari, which is popularly considered as the Queen of all Raags and hence the name Rageshwari (Raag+Iswari) and decorously said so since it is a very euphonic and mellifluous raag of Hindustani classical music, from the Khamaj Thaat. In music literature, Raag Rageshree is said to have both Shuddha and Komal Nishads. It has evolved and become popular in the past century.
Raag Rageshree is very similar in its structure to Raag Bageshree. However, Rageshree stands apart through the use of the shuddha Ga, versus Bageshree’s Komal Ga.
Raag Rageshree is considered as a raag of night and, the best time to perform is advised during the second half (Dwitiya prahara) of the night.
In this video, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan plays Raageshree, Mishra Kaafi and a bandish in Kedar, before concluding the concert with Raag Bhairavi.

Presented from the archives of Bazm-e-Khas.

This baithak was held at the initiative of Ved Gupta as a part of Bazm e Khas foundation live concerts.

The idea behind this purely non-monetized upload is to preserve this collection of great music for all music lovers and students of Hindustani music.

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